University of Florida MHA: Quality Academic Experience

University Of Florida MHAThe University Of Florida has its origins in 1853 and is among the top public universities across the United States. It consistently ranks amongst the top 100 universities across the world and as per the 2012 US News & World Report’s ranking it is at the 58th position within US.

The University’s College of Public Health and Health Professions has especially made a mark for itself by setting up a brand new academic model with a single point focus on integrating individual patient care and public health issues that have wider implications for the community.

It has been accredited by the CAHME or the Commission on Accredidation of Healthcare Management Education.

Why Choose The MHA Degree?

The healthcare management program has been ranked 9 amongst graduate programs by the US News & World Report.

It facilitates high-quality academic experience for students and inspires them to take on the challenges in various management positions across the healthcare industry. A well designed course coupled with a superior faculty, extremely capable staff & close network of alumni it provides student with a comprehensive educational experience.

  • It develops a student’s analytical and inter-personal communication skills
  • Trains them to become effective health administrator
  • Provides them with the understanding to deal with challenges in an efficient and compassionate way
  • Make best use of technology to tap the best resources and take informed decisions

What Are The Course Details?

Comprising of 5 semesters, it is a two year course and students complete a total of 57 graduate credit hours.

The programme is considered to be extremely rigorous and is designed in a way that ensures almost 100% placements once they earn the graduate degree. The coursework lays the foundation for moulding committed and efficient organisers for tomorrow.

What Are The Pre-requisites?

Apart from a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute there are some more requirements for students to qualify for this course. These include:

  • A Grade Point Average or GPA of 3.0 or better
  • A total GMAT score of 500 or alternative equivalent GRE score of 300
  • Undergraduate course in financing and accounting is recommended

The complete application also includes resume, recommendation letters and a UF Graduate School Recommendation Letter and official transcript of all relevant courses completed thus far by aspiring students.

International students also have to appear and earn the qualifying TOEFEL score to earn a seat in the University’s MHA program.