2016’s List of Top-Notch Leadership and Management Blogs

leadership-and-managementIt is often said that behind every great company is a great leader. Leaders regardless of their level have always been considered as the backbone of any organization. Great leaders will promote great organizations while poor, weak, unprepared leaders will result in the downfall of any company, no matter how great, hence the need to train leaders to become competent enough to deal with a various situations as they arise.

The internet is an excellent medium to acquire appropriate resources to create great leaders. Below is a list of 2016’s top 50 great management and leadership blogs available. The worthy blogs that made this list were selected based on a variety of criteria. These include creativity, uniqueness, and popularity.

Great Leadership by Dan

Looking for a good source of leadership information? Great Leadership is the site for you to visit. Run by Dan McCarthy, an expert in leadership and management development, this blog is dedicated to executive leadership development and skill building.

Random acts of Leadership

This blog takes into consideration that there is a gap between leadership on paper and leadership in real life. This amazing blog was created by Susan Mazza, in memory of her father; this blog’s main aim is to make leadership simple by building the necessary bridges between theory of leadership and leadership in action.


Are you seeking the knowhow on what it takes to be an all-round great leader? This is the site for you. This site offers experiences, tips, and other resources that will aid you in your journey to become a lifelong leader. The resources, tools and articles provided will help you to capitalize on every opportunity to grow as a leader. It is built on the premise that great leaders are the people who take responsibility, develop relationships and achieve results.


This blogger whose main aim is to instill hope, open doors, and change lives is none other than Leadership Guru Jean Baugh krisle. She is Motivational speaker, coach, advocate, and consultant who use her expertise and high energy to become extra-ordinary leaders. Her site offers a wide assortment of resources that caters to the needs of leaders at any stage.


This is a leadership and learning consulting company that is celebrated for its ability to equip with the knowledge and skills necessary reach their full potential and productivity. The trainers, consultants and coaches were hand-picked by the founder Kevin Eikenberry. This group provides all round skills training by offering consulting and coaching services. 

Cheryl cran

If you are seeking evolutionary change management skills, this is the site for you. Run by Cheryl Cran, the main aim of this is to make better leaders but they also promote the management of the impact that the generation gap can bring about. It encourages 2020 vision and offers modern tools ideas to start building the future workplace from now.

Linked 2 Leadership

This is a group of expert global professionals who have collaborated to promote development, organizational health, and personal and professional growth. The valuable resources provided on this site aids in helping you to maintain and communicate the self-discipline necessary to develop into a great leader and in so doing build, grow and develop others.


Known as the Leaders’ leader, Gordon Tredgold uses this site to motivate leaders to develop involved teams with focused goals so that they can totally turn around their results for the better. The areas his resources focus on cannot be more diverse, since it offers information on Organizational Development, Transformational Leadership, Operational Performance Improvement, Program and Change Management and Creating business value through information technology.


Chris Brady’s blog is one with a difference, since in his bid to teaching you how to life not only a successful life but also a significant life, he has catered for a wide range of areas in his articles. These include offer interesting tips on how to have fun, how to make money and how to make a difference. He also promotes contests where winners are given autographed books.

N2GROWTH- Leadership Solutions

This is a consulting firm with a difference since it focuses on adapting best practices. Boasted as being one of the fastest growing professional organizations in the world, this company makes it their business to assist you in unlocking hidden values in your organization and build on it until it meets its full potential. They offer access to expertise and resource needed and promise that you will only pay for what you use.

Orrin Woodward Leadership

Run by Orrin Woodward, Co-author of NY Times bestsellers LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution, His Company offers a wide range of resources that will bring out the great leader in an ordinary man. It promises offers resources and other expertise in financial, personal and professional development.

Harvest Performance

This blog is run by Sonia Di Maulo a celebrated writer and leadership coach. She motivates people to improve, excel, focus on the positive, communicate, celebrate success, feedback, empower others, lead, and learn. Her blogs are a compilation of personal experiences and a wide variety of leadership tips.

Genius One

Run by Frank D. Kanu, a leadership consultant and author, this blog showcases the services he offers in management and leadership strategy. He prides himself in getting leaders to first lead themselves before leading others. 

eblin group

This blog is run by Scott Eblin, a dynamic and engaging global speaker to do what is necessary to evolve into effective leaders. It provides regular informative articles on how to become a great leader.

Management Improvement Blog by John Hunter

Run by John Hunter, this blog focuses on using the internet and internet technology to improve the results of management improvement efforts. Its resources range from credit card tips to mortgage rates.


Lolly Daskal, leadership coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, and author is the founder of Lead From Within. Offering costume made programs in leadership and organizational development, this firm is designed to promote leadership and organizational development. She brings with her expertise that is grounded in behavioral and psychological principles along with 30 years of experience. 

Steve Farber

Run by Steve Farber, this offer tips on becoming effective leaders and communicators. It is great because it does not only have available resources for the top bracket leaders but for leaders at all levels in the organization.

Gretchen Rubin

This blog is the avenue through which Writer, Gretchen Rubin, shares her experiments in the pursuit of happiness and good habits. Her blog is quite diverse since it shares great book written by other authors, her own books, her regular podcasts, tips, daily quotes and other resources.


Referred to as a ‘vitual mentor,’ Michael Hyatt is the author of this blog. His frequent post on leadership development (internal leadership) and related issues have always been valuable for self-motivated leaders. He blogs quite a bit on personal development, leadership, productivity, and public influence. However there are times when he creatively writes ‘against the grain’ on topics that has nothing to do with leadership.

Three Star Leadership

Run by Wally Bock, you will get a firsthand look at her life’s journey to become named as one of the one hundred top leadership and management expert. Targeting leaders at all levels, Molly’s blog offers valuable insights, resourceful tips, and pointers to help leaders to grow regardless of their present level in the organization.


Managed and run by Jurgen Appelo, this blogs goal is to provide all the resources necessary for creative organizations to persist and rise to greatness. His goal is to introduce better management, with fewer managers. He aid companies in doing this by providing concrete games, tools, and practices.

Terry St. Marie

This bloggers greatest passion is to practice and promote what he calls More Human Leadership. His philosophy is established on the premise of purpose, empathy, positivity, humility, compassion, and love. His site is focused on what it would mean to be and how we can become more human leaders and the amazing benefits that can be derived from its practice. This site is unique and refreshing.


The author of this blog Clint Fix uses this blog to review companies and share his views in an objective way so that other companies can learn and in so doing improve their organization. Apart from reviews his blog also offers a wide range of other articles and other informative resources on good leadership.

Wayne Dyer

Written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development, this blog’s main aim is to provide resources that promote personal leadership and self-development and finding better alternatives to motivating oneself and others.

John Maxwell

This blog is written by John Calvin Maxwell, an author, speaker and pastor, who has written several books on leadership. His blog focuses on providing resources necessary to equip you with the qualities and competencies necessary to become excellent leaders in a variety of organizational settings.

Leadership freak

Are you looking for short concise article on board leadership, coaching and mentoring? This is the blog for you. Run by Dan Rockwell, this blog offers power-packed short articles that offer useful tips on how to evolve into effective leaders. Dan also comes with a good understanding of the social media realm.

Aspire- Mary Jo Asmus

Run by Mary Jo Asmus, coach and consultant, this blog aims at the leadership development through improvement and sustenance of relationships with people. Her blog’s philosophy is ‘Practical solutions to transform good to great.’

SmartTribes Institute

This blog is written by Consultant and author, Christine Comaford who has pride herself in helping leaders to navigate growth and change. He blog provide valuable information on better leadership and the mental processes that underpins our decisions.

Brain leaders & learners

Looking for creative leadership techniques? Are you tired of the regular approaches to good leadership? Then this is the blog for you. This blogs aims at promoting innovative leading and learning. Ellen also superbly showcases the academic model for a left/right of the brain approach.

Leadership now

Authored by Michael McKinney, coach, author, and consultant, this long standing leadership development blog, is very encompassing since it deals with leadership across all communities and organizations and not just business.

Mike Figliuolo

Looking for high quality, life changing skill building articles and other resources? This is the blog for you. Run by consultant, coach, and trainer, Mike Figliuolo, this blog is aimed at offering a wide range of valuable resources in areas of career development, communications, leadership, strategy, and customer service.

Curious cat

Focused of management through the thinking and improvement process, this blog is authored by consultant, John Hunter. His blog provides meaningful resources in the area of lean, total, quality, and six-stigma systems thinking.

Tanveer Nasseer

Are you a new or seasoned manager that is desirous of developing your leadership and team- building skills? This is the go-to blog for you. Run by Tanveer Nasseer, coach, author, and speaker, this blog is focused on developing competencies that are necessary to become not just good but great managers. It provides resources that will guide organizational growth and development, and in so do create a fulfilling feeling of purpose in what they do.

SeaPoint Center

Authored by Jesse Lyn Stoner, Consultant, Author and Coach this blog was created to render assistance to managers who are desirous of making a meaningful contribution as a leader in the workplace. The resources provided are in areas of leadership development and creating an engaged workplace, where all employees are motivated.

Let’s Grow leaders

Mainly aimed at promoting leadership growth, development and skill building, this fantastic blog is run by author and consultant, Karin Hurt. Whether you are an entrepreneur, execute, or team leaders, this amazing blog promises to provide you with the necessary resources to the secrets to deeper trust and connection with your team and is so doing dramatically improve your business results.

Cube Rules

This blog is run by professor and consultant, Colleen Sharen. Articles offered on this blog offer a variety of insights on leadership and soft skill development. This blog is special since it particularly targets individuals who work in cubicles. It not only helps them to manage their staff but also to be their own boss.

Modern servant leader

This refreshing blog run by consultant and Coach Ben Lichtenwalner, is one with a welcoming twist. It offers articles and other resources that are geared to promote the concept of servant leadership. It specifically motivates leaders to increase awareness, adopt practice and take action.


Run by Author and consultant Tom Schulte, this blog’s main objective is to provide meaningful resources to foster leadership development, organizational health, and personal& professional career growth. It also opens up to a wide range of competent contributors globally to offer their managerial expertise.

Ed Batista

Focused primarily on leadership, coaching and change, this blog is written and managed by Executive coach and change consultant, Ed Batista. However, this blog also covers other leadership related areas every now and again.

Chris Locurto

You can count on this blog to post regular meaningful articles at least five times per week. It is run by Chris Locurto, Consultant, Coach and Speaker. It provides a variety of personal insights on leadership, managing people, and financial stewardship.

CO2 Exhale

Focused on leadership development, consultant, coach, and speaker, Gary Cohen’s blog is a resourceful site for management and leadership resources. It provides articles in areas such as business communication, executive coaching and leadership development. It also offers a wide assortment of useful tips on leadership improvement for any type of leader.


Run by Michael Ray Hopkin, consultant and speaker, this blog aims to promote leadership principles in product management. it is built on the premise that product managers play a crucial role in the success of any business. Although this site is focused on product management, the resources offered can be accessed and used by anyone with a desire to motivate others to become the best that they can be. 


As the name suggests, this blog is focused on promoting self- leadership through the habit of intentionally influence of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in other to attain your goals. This blog is authored by Andrew Bryant, author, coach, and speaker. The blog offers a wide range of resources on leadership development, business communication, executive coaching and other self- development tips.

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog

The idea behind this blog is that “people learn better and are positively motivated when they are supported by regular coaching.” This blog is run by Coach and author John Ango.  It provides valuable coaching tips on how to blossom into effective leaders. It also aims at helping leaders to become clear on their personal goals and in so doing become more aware of themselves in terms of personal aspirations and goals.

Management Skills Blog

Being a consultant, the owner of this blog, Tom Foster is involved in many different conversations. He claims that there are valuable lessons to be learned through these very conversations. Hence, this blog focuses on sharing these conversations so that other can learn from them also. His blog also shares resources on how to establish better relationships at all levels by developing the leadership teams and whole organization.

Bob Burg

Run by, Bob Burg Author and speaker, this Blog’s objective is focused on a number of ideas from Bob’s book which is basically related to networking, building relationships and giving more in order to achieve more.

David Zinger

This blog is authored by consultant David Zinger. It is a mixture of practical and research-based approaches that is geared at creating more authentic relationships to achieve higher output.

The Gallup Blog

The blog is authored by Gallup leadership and it is about the company’s own developments, experiences, and discoveries also its journey to success. These very informative posts advertise educational opportunities for the both new and seasoned manager. Blogs are written in a professional businesslike format that makes it rather convenient for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Seth Godin

Run by Seth Godin, Suido founder, writer, and speaker, this blog is said to be “a stream of consciousness like collection of honest, to- the point posts.” His posts are diverse in the sense that they cover a wide assortment of topics and they also vary in lengths with some being short, sweet, and to the point and others being quite detailed. Resources provided are aimed at improving performance and the overall climate of professional environment.

LinkedIn Pulse

Looking for a quick informative read with your morning coffee to start of your day? This is the go to blog. Regardless of you interest in the area of management, LinkedIn Pulse has valuable resources for you to access. These articles range from areas such as leadership and management, economy, healthcare, security, tech developments or almost anything else. This blog will never disappoint in providing insightful and engaging posts on a range of issues.

HBR Blog Network

This blog is a must read for any manager. Harvard Business Review’s Blog Network has a decorated list of both national and international contributors that range from university professors to HBR editors. The list of bloggers includes some of the all-time greats like Andrew O’Connell, Camine Gallo, and Michael Useem. Their wide range of blogs focus on areas such as international markets, organizational trends, and legislative effects on the workplace.