Top 40 Nursing Blogs 2016

top-40-nursing-blogsConsidering the fact that we live in an age when the information super highway is flooded with a variety of reading materials, it is not surprising that information hunters are finding it a bit tedious to narrow in on the ideal piece for which they seek. This can also be said for Nursing Blogs. Self-proclaimed bloggers are rising up out of every nook and cranny at rapid speed, hence the need to highlight a list of Top 40 Nursing Blogs 2016. Whether you are an aspiring nurse, presently a nurse, an inquisitive patient, or just someone looking for a good read, the right nursing blog will provide you with invaluable information that will better improve your journey to become a nurse, your work life or your life in general. The blogs that made this list were selected based on several factors including: recency and frequency of blogs, number of followers, and value of content (whether useful information, valuable news in the nursing arena, innovative products, or just bits of humor to ease your stress), and writing style of the blogger (simplicity, uniqueness and creativity). Highlighted below, in no particular order, are the Top 40 Nursing Blogs.

The Nursing Site Blog

This blog is run by Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN who has been an RN for over 30 years. Most of her years as an RN were spent in Home Health Care and Hospices where she worked as field nurse, a nursing supervisor, and branch manager and in quality improvement. Apart from being a blogger, she is also the author of five books. Her blog contents are diverse. They range from the latest news in the nursing arena, advice to prospective nurses, introduction of innovative programs, help for nurses and other medical professionals in the area of documentation and lessons in other areas such as time management and social skills.

This site is run by Elizabeth Hanes, RN. She is not only a qualified RN but she is also a qualified creative writer and a one-time actor. Her site is aimed at helping nurses transition into writers by providing them with writing tips, lists, mailing lists and other information needed to begin and continue their writing journey.

Digital Doorway

This site is run by Keith Carlson a nurse, professional writer, well-known nurse blogger and Board Certified Nurse Coach. He is passionate about helping nurses to create the healthiest and most satisfying lives possible. His site provides coaching in areas of: Work-life balance, Burnout prevention and recovery, Wellness and self-care, Career development and management, Interview skills, resumes and cover letters, Nurse Entrepreneurship, The uses of social media
networking and Blogging and writing.

Nursing Notes of Discord

This site is run by Enid Mueller, RN. It provides real accounts of some of the challenges faced by nurses on their jobs. It also offers suggestions for coping with these challenges.

Lippincott Nursing center

Run by Wolters Kluwer, this site provides its readers with ‘everything nurse’. The information provided range from articles and publications such as journals and eBook on nursing, connections for continuing education, career resources, and blogs on a variety of important topics. This site is a ‘must browse’ for nurses.

Noggin Blog

Run by Nikki Yeager, this is blog for Nursing and Healthcare Instructors/Educators. It provides teaching tips, resources and suggestions for bringing technology into your classroom. It also advertises the up and coming nursing education tools on the market.

As the name suggests, this blog was set up to promote diversity within healthcare. It is a website for nurses and students up to CNO’s. It is devoted to Nurses, the Nursing profession, Diversity in healthcare and assisting healthcare administrators in meeting their hiring needs. It also offers great advice in how to become a better nurse.

The Nerdy Nurse

This is the blog of Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN. It is unique because it feels more like a magazine that has the occasional guest blogger. It is also special because it goes beyond nursing topics in terms of content. Its contents include articles about family, humor, products of interest to nurses, travel and more.


This blog aims at educating, connecting, and inspiring current and future nurses. It is recommended for nurses regardless of where you are in your career field, since it always offers something new to learn. You can read stories about the inspiring experiences of other nurses and informative articles that will help you better your overall practice in nursing. This blog also deals with tough in-depth topics like illnesses in the workplace and nurse bullying.


Frugal Nurse– seeking better health at lower cost

This blog is run by a nurse that has been in the profession for over 30 years. It is a reaction to the ‘broken and expensive healthcare and delivery system’. Provided are resources about current healthcare reform, general health and nutrition insights, and discussions on other medical and health related issues.

Adrienne, RN

If you are attending or planning to attend nursing school this is the blog for you. This blog owner is passionate about the way nurses and nursing students use social media in their professional lives. The blog is written with the goal of telling the story of being a student nurse in an effort to motivate others to accept the challenge of becoming a nurse. It also provides tips on what to expect on your journey as a student nurse.

Seasons Wellness– Balance your body; Balance your life

Because of the availability of a wide range of topics, Seasons wellness is a great blog for just about anyone to read. It is affiliated with a health and wellness center in Knoxville, Tennessee. What is interesting about this blog is that all the articles were not focused on or written by nurses. However, this is a great blog for anyone in the healthcare community.

Scrubs Mag

No matter where you are in your nursing career, this is the blog for you. This blog calls itself “The Nurses Guide to Good Living.” It offers a diverse variety of articles for current and potential nurses. These articles range from career advice to style secrets and beyond. The sheer volume of information offered by this blog landed it on out top for list.

Confident Voices

Written by Beth Boynton, a nurse consultant and author with specialty in communication and collaboration, is the Confident Voice of Healthcare. This blog was chosen for his uniqueness and creativity since it provides healthcare information for medical professionals and patients alike.

Posts on this blog help healthcare workers to become better listeners and speakers in their everyday lives. This blog also features articles from several acclaimed guest bloggers.

Dear Nurses

Active since 2006, this site is quite unique in that it provides the direct link to other “Dear Nurses” site. These sites are all centered on the same theme: educating nurses through visual illustrations. This blog is geared to teach potential nurses about the career in a unique way by combing beautiful images with insightful information.

DiabeteSteps Rx

Run by Cheryl Winter, a family nurse who is decorated with both a Master’s of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nutrition, this site offers extensive information about diabetes care and prevention. She has also written several books on diabetes care. If you plan to work with diabetic adults and children in your nursing career, this site is great to read.

ER Nursing Insanity: the traveling Years

If you are looking for a candid take on being an ER nurse, this is the blog for you, since it does not sugar- coat the work of an ER nurse in anyway. Run by ‘Hood Nurse,” an emergency room nurse who is currently travelling throughout the country, the blog shows you just how being an ER nurse really is and the rewards that come from give your best efforts. The thing that makes this blog special is the fact that you don’t have to be an ER nurse to read and appreciate the adventures that the nurse experiences on a daily basis.

At your Cervix

If you are planning on becoming a CNM, this blog is worth reading. It is an amusing blog written from the prospective of a newly certified midwife. It offers a variety of refreshing, perceptive and thought provoking articles to give you a true sense of what life is like as a midwife.

Nurse Together

Run by a team of nurses, this is a nursing blog with a twist. This fantastic blog is not only entertaining but also informative. The team of bloggers range from nurse educators, RN and more. Nurses can visit this sight for amusing articles and nursing school guide. There is also a job board and discussion panel. What is also great about this nursing blog is that it is updated rather frequently, thus giving something new to read quite often.

The NP Mom

This is one of the most active nursing blogs, giving you a chance to learn something new almost every time you sign on. It is run by a nurse practitioner, wife and mother who attempts to answer the questions “you always forget to ask.” This blog provides a wide array of advice relating to general health and nursing. Quite often there are contributions from guest bloggers who also contribute valuable information to the blog. Up and running since 2011, this blog has attracted a range of followers from in and out of the healthcare community.


Nurse Gail

Run by Gail Ingram, a practicing registered nurse, this blog is about her journey to promote healthy habits and wellness. She is a firm believer that “understanding more about the system can help consumers to better advocate for themselves and loved ones in a hospital setting.”  The styles of Nurse Gail’s articles are very unique in the sense that they provide invaluable extensively researched information in the form of personal anecdotes. In order to give a holistic understanding of what the nursing profession entails Gail’s anecdotes paints a clear picture of the ups and downs of nursing.


This is a blog written by nurses for nurses. Designed with the hardworking members of the nursing world in mind, this blog was created to honor and showcase their invaluable contributions to the nursing arena and influence on the modern world. Articles in this blog includes: career advice, business help, art, freebies, nursing news, and more. It promises you the chance to see something new every time you visit the sight. This is also among the more active blogs. Some of the insightful articles provided on this blog are: A Great Nurse Changes Everything, Help Increase Services to Cancer Patients by Doing What You Already Do Every day, and What If We Welcomed New Nurses Like We’d Want to Be Welcomed?

The Nursing Show

This delightful site is more than just a blog. It is an accumulation of pleasurable video about nursing. From the struggles of getting through college to dealing with challenging patients, each episode teaches a new lesson about the ever- changing nursing career. Attached to each video is a brief, easy-to-read article that outlines what the video is all about. Presently, there are more than 300 videos on this site for you to watch. Some of the favorite videos thus far are: Hourly Rounding by Nurses Keep Patients Away from Call Button, Pre-Surgical Reminder Texts and Calls Help Patients Heal Later, and Women Get More Benefit from Heart Failure Treatment.

Sarah Beth RN

It is not difficult for you to imagine that this blog is by a registered nurse named Sarah Beth. She wanted to find out how the face of healthcare has been changing through the use of technology, social media, and the internet as a whole. Soon after she began blogging in 2011, she was diagnosing with a rare and debilitating autoimmune disease called CIDP, as well as autoimmune autonomic neuropathy. Some of her most inspiring articles include: The Science and The Art of Medicine,5 Ways to Bridge the Patient- Doctor Communication Gap, and Patient Engagement Begins with Better Listening.

The Makings of a Nurse

Trying to get accustom to the nursing world may be a bit overwhelming, if you are a nursing students and new nurse. ‘The makings of a nurse’ is aimed at trying to help you on this journey. Run by “Nurse Teeny,” this fantastic blog shares nursing experiences both good and bad so that readers can learn and grow from them. Nurse Teeny also shares tips on balancing your professional and personal life. You can also find articles on vital issues in healthcare. Some of her most popular posts include: The Whole “Self-Care” Thing, Going Global: Becoming a Nurse in the UK, and The Myth of the Second Degree Nurse.

Infusion Nurse

As the name suggests, Infusion Nurse is a blog run by an infusion nurse. Although she chooses to keep her identity a secret, she still reveals that she is a certified RN in infusion (CRNI) who is board certified in Vascular access (VA-BC). This blog specifically covers information and experiences about working in this area of healthcare. The articles available provide comprehensive information on infusion. This blogger is very interactive with patients and other professionals on twitter.

The underside of Nursing

Written under the name Fibril_late, this blog was chosen for its uniqueness. It is special in the fact that it is not your typical nursing blog that offers news in the nursing world, professional tips and straight forward nursing stories. Instead it provides amusing poetry-like posts that make full use of rhyming words as she shares with the world the stories that unfolds at the bedside. Some of her most popular posts include: Complications, Nepotism, and Knock on Wood.

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

Run by Barb Dehn, a nurse practitioner who has made many TV appearances, including the hit show the Doctors, this blog is very popular. The articles posted on this blog highlights women’s issues and other spicy topics in the nursing world. Nurse Barb is also the author of several books on women’s health. Some favorite articles on her blog are: Questions Every Man Should Ask About Health, 7 Surprising Tips for Pregnant Moms, and Epidurals are Safer Than We Thought.

Hospice Diary

There is no fun in watching people wait to die, but there is much to learn from these experiences that make you appreciate your own life even more. This blog features the reflective stories of a hospice nurse. This blogger manages to find the good in a bad situation and uses it to motivate readers to value their own life. Featured on this blog are a lot of articles about dying and the final days of life, but every one of these articles offers inspiration for you to draw from.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki

This blog is different from most nursing blog because it is the story of a fictional nurse and her encounters with patients. The writer behind this blog is however a real nurse with a captivating personality. Adding to its uniqueness is the fact that is broken down into chapters and not post and it has managed to gain much popularity among nurses. The blogger’s captivating style leaves nursing students, patients and current nurses ‘at the edge of their seats’ as the anxiously awaits Nurse Nikki’s next adventure.


If you are close to retirement, this is a fantastic blog for you, since it gives you an insight on what life is like as a retiree. Run by a retired RN, this blog features a wide variety of posts inclusive of unusual stories, challenges, life goals and aspirations as she seeks to recount her memories as an RN, on the internet.


Run by members of the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative, this blog was created “to generate, disseminate and translate research to understand how nurses contribute to and can improve the quality of patient care.” This blog reports results of research done to determine changes that can be made to improve the nursing industry as a whole. Included are not only study- based facts but also interesting personal stories.

Correctional Nurse

As the name suggests, this blog is written by a nurse working in a working in a correctional facility. The author is Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP-RN who shares her experiences of trials and triumphs that come with the nursing profession. Her posts can help you to guard yourself and still be compassionate why you administer care in this unique sector of nursing.

Advance for NPs and Pas

This blog is part of the Advance Healthcare Network that features a wide variety of articles created to help nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Written by a range of writers, the posts are inclusive of how to’s, nursing news, heart health, nutrition, salary information and conference coverage. Because this blog is regularly updated, there is always something fresh and new to learn from opting to read here.

My Strong Medicine

Run by acute care nurse practitioner Sean Dent, this blog was created to share his adventure as a registered nurse. However, he now uses it as an avenue to vent about other areas in his life. The articles provided are anecdotes and commentaries that have great advice wrapped into them.

Word Lust

Describing herself as a “forever a psych nurse who fell in love with medsurg,” Estelle is the nurse who runs this blog. She actively communicates with her readers in a unique way. Although she uses her blog to vent her frustrating experiences, she does it in a way that always makes you smile.

Stethoscopes and Scrubs

This blog is run by a former nursing student who now works as a school nurse which she considers as a dream job. The blog has developed over the years as the writer transitioned from a student nurse to a job hunter to a working nurse. Although not completely sure of the next direction her job and life will take, you can read about her interesting journey on this blog.

Our Front Door

This blog is about the life of an ER nurse named Melina who is a mother of four beautiful daughters. If you are looking for a good read on how to balance your personal life with your professional life, this is the blog for you. She also shares experiences about life as a nurse working long hours, stressed, unmatched pressure and so on. Her articles highlight the stress of working in the ER.


The Nurse Teacher

This is the brainchild of an inspiring nurse educator that emerged out of the need to help her future students while she completes her master’s degree. The site started as part of her nursing degree program but she opted to keep it running since she thought it would be resourceful to nursing students. She offers a wide assortment of articles that provides advice on how to keep up with school while working. Also included is a section on patient education. Therefore not only nurse can benefit from this site.

Nursing School Ins and Outs

Appropriately subtitled, “Did I REALLY Sign Up for This?” Nursing School Ins and Outs is a blog the story of a nursing student’s journey through college. The writer, Candi is presently an RN but many of her blogs are from the days when she was a student. She uses this blog to share all the struggles she faced as a nursing student.