Top 100 Mom Bloggers Who Can Inspire You & Say Yes To Motherhood!

top-100-mom-bloggersMother’s day is round the corner and we decided to make this special by talking about mothers who have not just made this phase enjoyable for themselves but also the many others who read their posts. Yes I am talking of the many ‘mom bloggers’ who have celebrate their motherhood across the internet and benefited the millions they share it with.

  1. Heather B Armstrong: With over 1.53 million followers on Twitter, Heather’s blog Dooce is all about her tryst and tribulations as she evolved in her role as a mother. It delves into almost all aspects around you and your child and makes for very interesting and informative read.

  2. Leah Segedie: Her blog Mamavation has 133000 followers on Twitter and has been ranked amongst the top ten mom bloggers. It teaches readers on how to take better care of their families and prevent diseases.

  3. LaDonna Dennis :Named the number one mom blogger in the United States by Cision, she has been also been honoured as a top mom entrepreneur. She founded the MomBlogSociety. A social media addict, her blog connects many budding bloggers around the world.

  4. Jenn Worden: Author of the SJBlahBlah blog, in her own words she is the brand amabassador of moms, wives and her blog talks about all things travel, technology, photography, family, food and almost anything that interests you.Her current Twitter followers are nearly 75000.

  5. Jill Smokler: She started her blog, Scary Mommy in 2008, it has evolved greatly from the personal accounts of a stay at home mom.Today it is one of the best, realistic and extremely interesting parenting blogs on the block.

  6. Scarlet Paolicchi: With over eighty seven thousand followers on Twitter, Scarlet Paolicchi is the founder of Family Focus Blog. A mom blogger from Nashville, the blog discusses all family related things including parenting, recipes, crafts giveaways.

  7. Colleen Shibley: A lifestyle blogger from South Florida, her blog ‘ShibleySmiles’ discusses food, technology and family issues. She has over 60,000 followers on Twitter.

  8. Louise Bishop: The MomStart has 50,000 plus followers on Twitter. It includes very interesting titbits on product reviews, travelling and food.

  9. Liz Gumbinner: With over forty seven thousand followers, her blog Mom101. She is a fan of hopey changey stuff in her own words. Her blog is many times referred to as funny and covers a wide range of topics.

  10. Lenore Skenazy: Her mommy blog takes forward her crusade involving the Free Range Kids Movement. A Public speaker alongwith being a voracious writer, Skenazy’s blog boats of nearly 25000 followers on Twitter.

  11. Amy Morrison: She discusses the not-so-pleasant aspects of pregnancy and motherhood like postpartum depression and morning sickness but in a funny manner in her blog, Pregnant Chicken. Her tagline is “Keeping Pregnancy Sunny Side up” but don’t be fooled by the comic element. This blog is loaded with information for pregnant women and first time mommies.

  12. Elayna Fernandez: She is an author and speaker, and devotes her life to empowering women to be the best they can be. Her blog ‘The Positive Mom’ also talks about the same issue.

  13. Kristen Howerton: Her blog Rage Against The Minivan with close to 22000 followers on Twitter is full of great ideas for kids, interesting craft alternatives and some awesome photography.

  14. Pretty Prudent: Founded by Jaime and Jacinda, this blog comprises of travel, style, family and many DIY initiatives. Pretty Prudent has currently over eighteen thousand followers on Twitter.

  15. Vera Sweeney: Her blog,’Ladyandtheblog’ is all about style, travel and family. Her followers on Twitter are close to 70,000.

  16. Nicole Feliciano: A Style Maven and trend spotter she is the founder of Momtrends, she helps you add a zing in your outfits as well as cuisines with her chic inputs.

  17. January Harshe: Her blog, Birth Without Fear, was created to empower new moms. It tackles everything from pre-conception to childbirth and all related aspects around you.

  18. Holly Duce: Named ‘Mommies With Cents’ her blog is all about saving money and taking advantage of a host of giveaways. By far with one of the best collection of giveaways, she has over twenty thousand followers on Twitter.

  19. Lisa Hanson: She is the founder of and utilizes her blog to mentor other women with their business ventures. Currently the list of her followers on Twitter exceeds 30,000 and on Facebook she has close to 6000 likes.

  20. Michele Olivier: This is one blog that addresses every mother’s primary concern, how to make your baby’s food more interesting. Appropriately named, BabyFoodE, it is filled with amazing and interesting baby food ideas.

  21. Suzanne Barston: Named the Fearless Formula Feeder,she started her blog after experiencing difficulties with breast feeding ad soon it became an incredible community of several like minded women who chose to bottle feed their kids.

  22. Rachel: Author of the celebrated book, Hands Free Mama, she also has a blog of the same name. It is about teaching and inspiring mothers to keep family first and ensure that they always got the much needed attention.

  23. Crystal Paine: This may not confirm to your typical parenting blog but it is a very important helpful blog nonetheless. She curates daily deals from both online and offline stores and writes about ways to save money on everything including groceries, clothing, household necessities. She also offers efficient money management tips.

  24. Heather Manley: A naturopathic doctor she is also the author of celebrated children’s book series, “Human Body Detectives”. Currently her list of followers on Twitter is over 7000 and on Facebook she has around 6000 likes.

  25. Lucinda Cross: She founded to help stay at home Moms to convert their endeavors into money making projects without sacrificing the time for family. The list of her followers on Twitter now exceeds 2000.

  26. Pamela Maynard: If you deal in deals and discounts then Mom Does Reviews should be your ideal destination. This blog is all about reviews, giveaways, parenting, recipes, games and coupons.

  27. Sandra Huber: Her blog, is targetted for women or rather mothers with no direction and in need of help with their parenting efforts. On Twitter she has 8,567 followers while on Facebook her page recorded nearly 1100 likes.

  28. Lisa Druxman: A nationally renowned author, speaker and expert fitness consultant, Lisa Druxman is also an avod blogger. Her blog, currently has nearly 15000 likes on Facebook and over 2000 followers on Twitter.

  29. Lindsey & Tyler: Run by a mom-dad duo, the Wise Baby is a stylish and chic resource for the savvy parent. It features a wide range of topics including comprehensive product reviews, showers & parties, nursery decor and many other topics.

  30. Lisa Weidknecht: She writes the blog, Planet Weidknecht.It focusses primarily on lifestyle matters, travel, tourism, food and beverages, home and family and also includes product reviews and giveaways.

  31. Cher Kachelmuss: Her blog ‘Mom and More’ hosts a whole lot of giveaways and product reviews and has even earned the title of Top 50 Product Review blogger.

  32. Melissa Weintraub: A part time dentist, her blog ‘the mommyhood-chronicles’ is an interesting and informative account of her mommyhood journey.

  33. Kate Marsh Lord: Her blog is literally is every woman’s dream destination. The shopping Mama addresses all your styling needs and with 25000 followers on Twitter, it is a growing cult.

  34. Ilana: A NYC mom of 2, her blog “Mommy Shorts” gives you helpful and absolutely readable information on all facets of parenting and invariably has something that will cater to every type of reader.

  35. Jennifer Borget: Her blog, the ‘Baby Making Machine’ is a beautiful account on life covering pregnancies, career, parenting, relationships and teh associated aspects of mommyhood.

  36. Genevieve: Her idea behimd the blog Mama Natural was to create a resource for parents looking to live a healthier and more natural life. These advices range from natural approach in relationships to food and even include activities of your daily life.

  37. Anna Fader: Mommypoppins is almost a kid wonderland and comprises of a variety of activities, events and assists you in hosting fun activities and parties for your child.

  38. Jennifer Gervens: A lover of sweet tea, her blog SweetTMakes3 is lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of topics from food to travel and several others. It also updates readers about latest discount offers.

  39. Jennifer Regan: Her blog Eighty MPH Mom features promotions, reviews, giveaways, sponsored campaigns, recipes, ambassadorships, DIY, crafts & a lot more. The current number of followers on her Twitter account exceeds 17000.

  40. Gabrielle Blair: Her blog, Design Mom covers a whole range of tips, ideas and suggestions on styling, crafts and dressings for mothers specially.

  41. Nicole Etolen: Founder of a cool blog, “Pretty Opinionated”, she is a writer and a single mom who specialises in motivational pieces.

  42. Kimberly Vetrano: She is a Brand Ambassador, Blogger, Writer, Photographer and blogs on a wide range of issues from parenting to happy living.

  43. Crissy Page: A blog about beauty, wellness, lifestyle and also a shopping destination, Crissy Page’s blog, Dear Crissy is almost the online diary all of us want to have. A blogger and a digital influencer, she has helped many with her online endeavours.

  44. Deanna Schober: Fit to be pregnant was started as Deanna’s account of her journey towards a fit and healthy pregnancy. It is a treasure trove of very well researched material and up to date resource on the same for any one aspiring for the same.

  45. Isabel Kallman: Her blog Alpha Mom is amongst the best family blogs and covers a wide range of advice and opinion. From pregnancy to parenting, there is something for everyone in here.

  46. Ashley: Her blog is named Ashley’s Green Life and one of the best eating blogs on green and healthy food. The fact that she intersperses her blogs with lots of candid photos adds to the impact.

  47. Heather Smith: This again is awellness, lifestyle and family blog with rising inetrest on the interest. Her current list of followers on Twitter is over forty thousand.

  48. April McCormick: This is one blog I think most first time parents will relate to. Appropriately named ‘First Time Mom & Dad’ April McCormick and FTD (First Time Dad) have created an absolute must read for new parents.

  49. Melisa Fluhr & Pam Ginocchio: They co-founded the blog and the initiative, Project Nursery. An ideal option for mom’s looking to design their baby’s room, it isfull of brilliant and eye catching design tips, initiatives and ideas to transform your baby’s room.

  50. Christy Garrett: It is a family motivational and inspirational blog appropriately named as Uplifting Families.Whether your child is an infant or teenager, you will have all types of information and helpful tips.

  51. Sadie Lankford: Her blog Slap Dash Mom has over 46000 followers and deals with teaching enthusisasts the dos and don’ts of money blogging. She also does book reviews.

  52. Angela Roy: It is the ultimate destination for all kinds of promotional and PR exercises and is a well known social media infleuncer. She has over 37000 followers on Twitter.

  53. Kelle Hampton: Another lifestyle and family blog, it is known as ‘Enjoying The Small Things.’ The writer is also the author of well received publications like, ‘Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected.’

  54. Shannon Gosney: The author of the blog, ‘The Mommy Files’, she is a brand ambassador and writes on travel, food, beauty, technology & family.
  55. Alicia Peiffer: She has been named amongst the top 50 US Mom bloggers and has over 17000 followers. The name of her blog is ‘making time for mommy.’

  56. Valerie Gray: She is a down syndrome advocate and writes a blog called ‘’. Her writing deal with a wide range of topics including travel, technology, recipes, cars and rock music.

  57. Susie: A mother of seven kids, this blog is indeed ‘not your average mom’. Another parenting blog written in a comical style it often delves on issues that other don’t dare bring to the forefront. It is one of the best accounts on the realities of raising a modern family.

  58. Leticia Barr: Her blog is named the, ‘Tech Savvy Mamma’ and generally educates parents about the new innovations in the world of technology. She also covers issues like child education, lifestyle, home and safety issues.

  59. Jessica Bowers: Written by a mother of 4 boys, Suitcases & Sippy Cups is all about travel with the family. It covers all elements from planning to packing.

  60. Glennon Doyle Melton: An inspiration message blog, her story is what inspirational pieces are all about. A drug addict and an alcoholic, she decided to sober up once she found she was pregnant. This is her story.

  61. Megan Francis & Sarah Powers: Co-associates in their venture/blog, ‘The Happiest Home’ it teaches readers a thing or two about sane family life. An absolutely realistic account, it is extremely helpful.

  62. Bridgette Duplantis: Her blog is titled quite dramatically as , “The Not-So-Blog’s Experimental Mommy”. It includes the latest parenting tips, hottest trends and newest products for Moms, babies and kids!

  63. Lisa Leake: Her blog 100 Days of Real Food is all about saying no to processed food and opting for a healthy, real and nutritious diet for your family. It has several tasty, real recipes and interesting meal ideas.

  64. Lauren: A TV news producer and a mother of 2 authors this lovely blog titled, ‘Working Mom Magic’. It includes topics like parenting, fitness, recipes and even personality issues.

  65. Shannon: A stay at home mom, she founded ‘Growing Slower’ as a platform to share money saving ideas and propagate the concept of frugal living. Her personal stories of turning around debt in 9 months with conscious budgeting are inspirational.

  66. Julianna Miner: Her ‘Rants from Mommyland’ is a sarcastic and slightly cynical mommy blog. It is hilarious, witty and makes for informative and fun reading.

  67. Katie and Forrest Clark: It is another lovely parenting blog with inputs on healthy living, travel and thrifty living. Katie is also a photographer and the many photographs that accompany the post makes it very interesting.

  68. Jenn and Erin: Started by these two co-authors, this blog the Fit Bottomed Mamas was created with the motto to motivate and inspire women. It caters to the primary need of every mom,’ maintaining a healthy lifestyle.’

  69. Jennifer Bly: She started this blog, “The Deliberate Mom” is all about philosophy. It also includes several inspirational posts.

  70. Vicki Psarias: Started by Vicki, the blog, “Honest Mum” is one of the few UK based lifestyle and parenting blogs that’s attracting eyeballs.

  71. Kara Fleck: Her blog is exactly about what the name says, ‘Simple Kids.’ Reminiscent of the lovely long childhood days, it talks of a pretty uncomplicated ways to teach your kids the values of life.

  72. Emma: Written by a mother of two kids,’brummy mummy of 2′ is as cute a read as it sounds. It has realistic realistic and appropriate information for pregnant moms as well as mothers of toddlers.

  73. Chrissy Taylor: Author of Taylor House, this blog is another indepth lifestyle and product review openings. She is an experienced brand ambassador, product enthusiast and event participant who promotes a wide range of products.

  74. Melissa Hagan: This blog, titled the ‘’ features recipes, crafts, DIY reviews, pets and travel topics.

  75. Kristin Lesney-Ruiz: A Daydreamer, foodie, runner and dorky dancer, her blog, OurOrdinaryLife is an easy route to live life to the fullest.

  76. Lauren & Mike: Authors of the blog Crazy About Mybaybah, their blog features art and craft alongwith family related topics.

  77. Janessa Solem: The writer of the blog, Thrifty Nifty Mom, it is a collection of some extremely thrifty and simple formula to keep the family budget in shape. Oneof the best places to scout for deals.

  78. Trisha Novotny: The founder of 24/7 MOMS, she has over 14000 articles in circulation and features regular helpful tips for moms in all walks of life.

  79. Jen Dotson: Another blog on thrifty living, the ‘Thrifty NW Mom’ is literally the one-stop resource to save money in the Northwest!

  80. Beth Feldman: She writes the blog titled, ‘Role Mommy’it is a blogger network and online community for busy parents.

  81. Virginia Higgin: Her blog is titled, ‘That Bald Chick’ it is another family oriented platform to address all your mommy queries.

  82. Kara Carrero: A former teacher in the High School, she writes this amazing blog called ALLterNATIVE Learning. The key focus is on healthy, green and sustainable living.

  83. Katie Ellison: Her blog is titled as ‘Mummy, Daddy & Me’. It is an adorable family blog full of wonderful pictures and family moments.

  84. Kerry Louise: She launched Oh So Amelia and this is a digital baby book full of beautiful pictures and also filled with product reviews and inspirational posts.

  85. Jess: The author of thsi blog, Wry Mummy, she is funny, witty and absolutely direct in her approach. From potty training to going on outings with kids, you will find a solution to all your queries on this blog.

  86. Katie Kirby: Hilarious as the name sounds, ‘Hurrah For Gin’ brings out the funny side of parenting young children. The cartoons accompanying her posts give a unique factor to her write-ups.

  87. Gillian Crawshaw: Her blog Baby On Board is informative and interesting and provides indepth research and relevant tips on raising babies.

  88. Hannah: Make, Do & Push was the blog started by this mother of 2 as an outlet for her desire to document her parenting journey.

  89. Lauren: She writes this super adorable blog on lifestyle, parenting, fashion and beauty called the Belle du Brighton.

  90. Danielle Simmons: She is the author of Simmworks Family Blog and focuses on content creation & brand partnerships related to family, parenting, food, healthy living, crafting and entertaining.

  91. Joanne: She launched the blog. ‘TheBoyandMe’ which chronicles her journey with her son.

  92. Aby: Her blog You Baby Me Mummy, serves as a personal diary but is also a wonderful resource base for lots of helpful advice on parenting

  93. Kat Bouska: Her blog’s titled Mama’s Losin’ It and covers a host of family and parenting issues.

  94. Emily Leary: Written by a digital marketing consultant who left her long career, Mummy Too is chic, practical and often your ultimate parenting guide.

  95. Jen McLellan: She is the author of a unique and much needed voice in the world of parenting blogs. Her blog Plus Size Birth is directed at empowering plus-size women.

  96. JJ Ghatt: This is more of fun and light hearted blog names, ‘Bellyitch’. It focuses on celebrity baby news, nursery decor and related stuff.

  97. Caro: Her blog Twinkle Diaries is also started off as a personal diary but transformed into a huge platform for home decorating advice along with touching posts about raising twins.

  98. Hilary Erickson: Her blog, Pulling Curls, is a wonderful avenue to get useful tips on raising happy, healthy kids and household tips along with recipes and meal plans.

  99. Mandy Roberson: She runs a beautiful blog on parenting called the Momma Society and also invites contributions from experts in various areas making it a mvery credible information source.

  100. Chelsea McDonnough: Author of another adorable blog, Two Twenty One deals with parenting and lifestyle topics.