Loyola University Chicago MBA In Healthcare: Train To Excel

The Loyola University Chicago was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1870. Initially known as St. Ignatius College, it is currently one of the largest Jesuit Universities across the United States. This institution comprises of a total of six campuses in and about Chicago and also has a center in Italy, the John Felice Rome Center. Interestingly Loyola also acts as the US host university to the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies in Beijing. In all there are twelve schools and colleges and as per the 2011 data Loyola University ranks 117 nationally and has been consistently featured in the list of ‘best value’ schools created by the US News & World Report.

Why Pursue The MBA Degree In Healthcare?

A MBA in health care management from Loyola University gives students a definitive edge. Not only do aspirants get a definitive advantage as compared to other programs, this institution is known for providing its students a unique classroom experience. The highly skilled professors and the cohorts guide the students continuously in a way that always allows them to always stay on top.

The course structure is designed in a way that students get in-depth and an intensive insight into the various facets of the overall healthcare management training. Seeped in Jesuit traditions, this course also looks at nurturing the student’s inner growth and creating the overall spiritual support system.

Its Graduate School of Business that offers this MBA course in Healthcare Management has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. The US News & World Report ranks the part-time course offered by them also among the top courses across the country and extremely sought after for both the brilliance of course planning and prospects it holds forth for them.

What Are The Admission Pre-requisites?

The question now is what are the pre-requisites for qualifying in this course? Alogwith a baccalaureate degree from a recognised and accredited institution and a complete application form, students need

  • A statement of purpose from students explaining the reason why they consider themselves appropriate for pursuing the degree
  • Official transcript of all coursework attended till date
  • GMAT test scores at par with the University’s requisites. For those with 7 years of work experience might seek to waive it off
  • Letter from current employer granting permission to participate in this rigorous course.