Governors State University MHA: The Innovative Approach

governors state universityLocated in Illinois, the Governors State University was founded in 1969 and one of the state’s most recognized academic institutions. Known for its flexibility and innovation in course structure, it serves more than 5,500 students annually and offers 64 degree courses.
The GSU experience comprises of comprehensive student life, both inside the campus and outside it as well. Set amidst sprawling 750 acres of Prairie land and just 40 miles south of Chicago, it has the distinction of being amongst the most affordable University in the state of Illinois.
Also this is amongst the preferred destination for international students given its immense diversity both in terms of student composition as well as faculty members.

Why Pursue The MHA Degree?
If you have decided to make a career in health administration, then the Governors State University could well be your chosen destination based on the comprehensive course structure that they follow.

  • Students receive an all round training in Strategic Planning, Human Resources
  • They are also exposed to other facets like Informatics, Policy, Economics, Research Methods, Quantitative Decision-Making, Community Health, Management
  • Students learn confidence building measures as well to help tackle challenges confidently
  • Meeting employers demand and honing necessary skill-sets are the other major achievements they master

Moreover the course is the only CAHME accredited program in an Illinois public university. In fact there are only three CAHME-accredited programs across Illinois. Ultimate quality and undeniable commitment to excellence make it one of the best identified Master Of Health Administration course in the country.

What Are The Course Details?

Students and aspirants for this course need to put in a total of 54 credit hours. They also include core health discipline courses to help students understand the basic issues concerning the health administration sector and how to best handle it.
Infact the flexibility and innovation that they incorporate helped it earn the distinction of being named amongst the 50 most innovative University Healthcare Administration Departments.

What Are The Admission Pre-requisites?

Apart from the mandatory Bachelor’s degree from a recognized and accredited institute across United States or internationally, students need to address a few more parameters. These include

  • Completion of the application form and submission within due date along with the requisite fees
  • Official transcript of all relevant course work
  • Statement of purpose for pursuing the course
  • Letters of recommendation highlighting the student’s aptitude in the specific field.