Dalhousie University MHA: A World Class Experience

Dalhousie-UniversityInternationally renowned as one of North America’s most prestigious academic institutes, The Dalhousie University was founded in 1818 and is among Canada’s oldest universities. It attracts close to 18,200 students from world over and beautifully blends a global experience with cutting edge research work.

The Dalhousie School of Health Administration offers the MHA recognised by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education or the CA+HME. It is only one of the three programs with this prestigious CA+HME Accreditation. This accreditation requires review by external panel and has to maintain strict eyes on facilities and innovation abilities.

Why Choose MHA?

The University seeks to prepare very motivated and highly qualified health administrators armed with a treasure trove of skills, knowledge and values which can look to not just enhance the learning curve but also bring about a distinctive direction in the road forward for the healthcare industry.

The University has also been instrumental in conducting research that can enrich the future as well as prospects of the healthcare industry. They have also been involved in strategic as well as collaborative initiatives aimed at bringing a perceptible difference in the world of healthcare administration and introduce innovation that is targeted for long-term impact.

What Are The Admission Pre-requisites?

Students aspiring for the MHA from Dalhousie University need to have:

  • Complete application form along with the fees
  • Applicants have to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum B+average
  • All official transcripts of bachelors degree and course work undertaken thus far
  • Two letters of academic reference. These must explain how the candidate is good fit for the overall program and can benefit for it.
  • Resume
  • Statement of intent explaining why the student would want to pursue the MHA
  • Statement of career interest
  • GMAT score of not less than 550
  • English proficiency test scores for international students or those without English as their mother tongue.

Overall admission is based on assessment of professional and academic achievements alongwith the GMAT, TOEFEL scores and the letters of reference.

Course Details

With a record placement of 84%, the 2-year course is planned in a way that it gives students the ability to conduct a comprehensive study in healthcare administration coupled with an absolute understanding of the ground realities.

All the courses are a combination of core healthcare administration basics and also electives ending with internships.