Top 30 Affordable Colleges in USA 2015

Top 30 Affordable Colleges in USA

Top 30 Affordable Colleges in USA

The best affordable college opportunities in the United States of America allow its students to procure valuable higher education without falling into decades-lasting debt.

Pursuing a college degree can result to be an expensive procedure, indebting an individual for the next few decades. Most students are applying vast amount of researching skills before setting a deal with a certain educational institution. In the United States, the majority of students complete their Bachelor’s degree within the time of four years, while around 30 per cent of other students take additional one or two years to pursue a higher level of their degree. Thus, completing a four-year undergraduate degree in the US is certainly not an easy task to fit in with the individual’s budget. By choosing affordability before quality, some may say that it may be a waste of money. Yet, we provide a list of 30 top affordable Colleges in the United States, which potentially deliver an amazing opportunity to its students and promise a prosperous future career in the chosen subject.

  1. University of Texas – Pan American
    Edinburg, Texas



Tuition fee: $2,485

Enrollment: 20,053

The University of Texas draws a number of students from around towns for providing affordable opportunities to obtain a valuable degree at the university. The large educational institution, which holds approximately 20,000 students, divides its academic concentrations into seven different college campuses. Some of the divisions are the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the College of Science and Mathematics. The choices to obtain a degree is immense, you can choose from traditional Liberal Arts degrees to a more specific and unique field of study like Global Security, Military Science, or many more. The UTPA has a variety of sources to the student life outside the classrooms. Obtaining the activities on the side of studies cloud in the Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex offers scholars a great amount of activities to keep their healthy lifestyle and stay in good shape. Overall, the University of Texas tops our list for being one of the most affordable universities in the USA with annual tuition fees of less than $3,000.

  1. California State University – Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, California


Tuition fee: $4,756

Enrolment: 23,258

The California State University in Los Angeles offers a great amount of degrees for some of the most affordable prices in the United States. It is located just a few miles from Los Angeles and is considered one of the cultural epicenters for offering a diverse world of exclusiveness. CSULA stands as one of the most prestigious institutions of the West Coast, with Time Magazine rating it in the top 100 of overall universities in the country. The California State University, unlike the other educational institutions, offers atypical classes and lectures, going a step beyond the usual learning opportunities to students. The Minorities Opportunities in Research (MORE) study provides help for the preparation of motivated students to procure their graduate-level work. The Health Insurance Education Project has also attracted an increasing level of attention.

  1. City College of New York
    New York, New York


Tuition fee: $5,820

Enrolment: 15,331

The City College of New York stands as one of the most affordable and prosperous educational facilities of the USA. The university is one of the largest school systems within the nation. Although the nightlife of Manhattan is surely distracting, but it is well worth it. The school has a great reputation among Americans as being one of the leading supporters of important research, while consistently encouraging and providing valuable means of exploration of each student’s independent project and findings. All of the students obtain the opportunity to work with the highest academic experts in a variety of fields, accessing of the nation’s greatest graduate programs. The fields of study include Advertising, Chemical Engineering, Electronic Design and Popular Music.

  1. Fayetteville State University
    Fayetteville, North Carolina


Tuition fee: $5,914

Enrolment: 6,179

While not being the largest university of the nation, Fayetteville State University provides the American citizens productive and meaningful opportunities to obtain a valuable degree, which will follow to a great career. There is a variety of programs to choose from, for example, Political Science, Accounting, Business, or a lot more areas to keep the students busy studying their favorite subjects. A variety of student scholarship opportunities advance to keep most of the academics motivated in pursuing their means of education. The students living on campuses can take part in the annual Miss Fayetteville State University Scholarship Pageant, including the Mr. FSU Scholarship Competition, which will result in lowering the school annual tuitions and have a great amount of fun. Overall, even if you do not participate in the pageant contests you can surely make effort to afford the $6,000 annual fee, which is one of the lowest in the country.

  1. Dalton State College
    Dalton, Georgia


Tuition fee: $5,914

Enrolment: 5,015

The Dalton State College supports a great number of US citizen by providing an affordable yet valuable education in a variety of fields. The subjects that any enrolled student can take participation in, are School of Business, School of Education, School of Liberal Arts, and School of Health Professions, including the School that contains fields of Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Despite the limited size of the institution of holding around five thousands of students each year, DSC offers plenty of opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Some which are the free professional personal training sessions at the campus gym to keep its scholars fit and healthy. Yet, if you do not get lucky in finding the appropriate field of recreation that suits you the best, just gather an amount of eight fellow students and start a club to bond your hobbies, career goals, and other various cultural similarities.

  1. Queens College Of the City University of New York
    Flushing, New York



Tuition fee: $6,200

Enrolment: 18,974

The motto of the Queens College of the City University of New York is “Invigorate Your Mind”, which serves as a motivating tool for its students to pursue their life-lasting paw to greatness within the specific educational realm. The school has an incredible selection of academic domains. The Bachelor’s Degrees cover most of the subjects, from Animation and Women’s Studies, to Linguistics and History. Queens College provides a unique affordable opportunity for students who want to ensure a great career to be part of their life. Each scholar can participate in any community he or she fits in, as the amount of such programs that work with students is immense. All this with the addition to the overwhelming selection of student organizations that develop various activities to keep everyone as busy as possible during their academic period.

  1. California State University – Fresno
    Fresno, California


Tuition fee: $6,228

Enrolment: 23,060

The California State University provides degrees from a variety of subjects starting from undergraduate programs to PhD spheres. The majors include Business, Communications, Industrial Technology, and many more fields of study. Moreover, the CSU at Fresno provides more than 35 specialized academic accreditations and gives enough evidence to show how much of quality its programs possess. Yet, students enroll to the California State University not only because of its scholastic reputation, but also because of the low price despite the great opportunities given. The tuition is around $6,200, having some amazing recreational activities for its students like the Arboretum Walking Tours, Downing Planetarium, and the Bulldog sporting events, which all ensures student’s involvement in their positive side of life.

  1. University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
    Fort Smith, Arkansas


Tuition fee: $6,351

Enrolment: 7,170

The University of Arkansas is truly providing the service up to the students’ expectations. The apprentices can choose their field of study from a great amount of subjects. Some of the degrees teach Animation Technology and Dental Hygiene, but you can also acquire your knowledge in Geography, Anthropology or Creative Writing minors. There is a variety of sporting activities where athletes can often take part in the universities competitions. Activities like “Cub Camp” is another type of activity besides the usual knowledge-gathering process of students. In addition, apart from the vast variety of opportunities, the institution’s best selling point is awarded to the low net price. The ranking of one of the best affordable universities in the USA stands deserved by UA in the city of Fort Smith.

  1. Northeastern State University
    Tahlequah, Oklahoma


Tuition fee: $6,418

Enrolment: 8,548

The Northeastern State University in Oklahoma takes a traditional path in providing its students a valuable degree. Plenty of entertainment options, great environment and on- and off- campus activities are just the beginning of what awaits a student upon enrolling to the educational institution. The Athletics campus teams provide the ability for each student to participate in the sporting events with a typical old-school collegiate experience. Meanwhile organizations like the Northeastern Student Government Association give scholars the unique possibility to build their skill in a variety of fields. All of the students can choose different undergrad and postgrad degrees, and some may attend the reputable School of Optometry. Despite the provided in-campus opportunities, the NSU gives the ability for students to participate in abroad programs, all considered far beyond of what a simple price net of $6,500 would suggest.

  • California State University – San Bernardino
    San Bernardino, California

Tuition fee: $6,571

Enrolment: 18,398

The California State University located in San Bernardino holds a larger amount of students than some other universities of California. The education facility works to provide its learners with an exclusive opportunity to support their innovations and interests with outside-the-box thinking. The experienced professors are giving a great amount of support, cultivating a supporting learning environment, which feels a lot more comfortable than it looks with such enrolment rate. The price is just $6,571 and it makes the CSUSB one of the most affordable facilities within the USA. The academic opportunities that are present and found abound, include many specialization options from undergrad to postgrad programs. The degree subjects include Chemistry, Architecture, and Bioinformatics, including a variety of sporting activities like basketball, baseball, and soccer.

  • Brooklyn College
    Brooklyn, New York


Tuition fee: $6,637

Enrolment: 17,004

The facility of Brooklyn College offers its students the ability to study for their future career and gain crucial experience and practice, with some new skills within the academic field. Reliable surveys provide information that nearly 80% of graduates from Brooklyn College find successful employment shortly after the graduation within their desired field. There are many opportunities presented by the BC, for example obtaining a degree in Arts, Business, History, Music, and many others. Numerous students prefer to take part in the unique field of study of Public Health. It is truly impossible to become jaded with 17,000 enrolled students, engaging in a variety of activities that include sport, recreation and academic-related events. Brooklyn College also holds athletic teams to help students in building a healthy spirit to motivate their studies and proceed with the academic experience.

  • Louisiana State University – Shreveport
    Shreveport, Louisiana


Tuition fee: $7,042

Enrolment: 4,114

Although holding an amount just a little more than 4,000 students, the Louisiana State University in Shreveport boasts one of the best academic experiences that a regular student may dream of. The location of the school is highly prestigious, maintaining a strong mission to produce graduates with valuable expertise. There are more than 20 undergrad options, which include the Community Health, Early Childhood Education, including Math and Physics. In addition, the education institute provides 12 postgraduate degrees. The format of study is a traditional eight-week format, designated to help students on a shorter timescale. Scholars that choose to live on the campus, enjoy a great amount of student organizations and extracurricular activities. Including the variety of sport and recreational events that will keep any student as busy and as entertained as possible upon achieving his or her degree.

  • University of Louisiana – Monroe
    Monroe, Louisiana


Tuition fee: $7,162

Enrollment: 8,645

Another university in Louisiana has a similar capacity to the previously mentioned institute, but the one in Monroe has 8,565 students and it prides itself on the country’s superior academic delivery. It helps students with understanding the coursework, including the development of additional independent research with resolving current problems and applying the gained skills and experiences to the future career. The amount of students suggests the middle compromise between small classes and big opportunities. The typical way of teaching and providing various ways to sharpen up the existing skills of each scholar contains its privileges.   Some of the most important advantages of the enrollment in the University of Louisiana in Monroe is that despite the low tuition fee rate, it also gives a degree in the valued Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  • California State University – Stanislaus
    Turlock, California


Tuition fee: $7,190

Enrolment: 8,917

The California State University in Turlock allows its students with an impeccable ability to proceed with their academic period in numerous subjects. Almost 85% of all the faculty members hold a valued doctorate degree in their specification. The student-to-faculty rate is only 21:1 meaning that each student get a high amount of attention from the mentors and lecturers that stand in the classroom or seminar auditorium. The diversity of the university is also one of the main attributes of the educational facility. The CSU ensures that each program ensures the incorporation of the community, motivating high exploration and further research across subject matters. The inexpensive annually tuition fee of $7,190 gives the majority of students the unforgettable opportunity to gain an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise and get a globally recognized degree.

  • University of Alaska – Anchorage
    Anchorage, Alaska


Tuition fee: $7,276

Enrolment: 17,363

The promising University of Alaska provides various opportunities to its students for a low annual fee of only $7,276. The institution holds its position in the State’s largest city – Anchorage. The educational facility allows students to experience entertainment and cultural options in the largely rural Northern region. The Seawolves offer a truly diverse kind of courses and certifications, including extracurricular activities and undergraduate and postgraduate programs across a number of areas. While the majority of students focus on an area, it suits best their future career. For example, in the automotive technology or criminal justice and sociology, or pre-medical tracks. The students that choose to live inside the campus area. So swiftly forget the coldness of the Alaskan weather and adapt to the surrounding environment by exploring sororities, attend sports and professional groups, or visit a local on-campus job in a community advising or peer mentoring.

  • Hunter College of the City University of New York
    New York, New York


Tuition fee: $7,518

Enrolment: 23,019

The Hunter College of the City University of New York offers its students the ability to procure undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of subjects and topics, for example in Public Health or Education. The university resides in the luxurious Manhattan established in the year of 1870. In 2008, Hunter College started providing doctoral degrees in a variety of programs such as Biology and Physics. The programs offered by HCCUNY include Arts and Sciences, Health Professions, Urban Public Health, and many other traditional degrees. High school and elementary school’s highly intellectual pupils may start early in involving in the higher education with Hunter College, which offers classes and lecture for motivating the youngsters to proceed to university.

  • University of Tennessee at Martin
    Martin, Tennessee

university of Tennessee at Martin


Tuition fee: $7,531

Enrolment: 7,423

The University of Tennessee located at Martin stands hailed as the modern institution providing some of the cheapest tuition charges in the nation. Yet, despite being one of the most affordable colleges in the USA, the University of Tennessee provides an incredible student-to professor relation. The location of the campus is approximately 150 miles northwest of Nashville, providing all its students with access to entertainment and other activities the big city has on display. The Paul Meek Library hosts the Technology Center, allowing all of the potential faculty members to lecture with an advantage of industry-related sphere. More than 100 of the student organizations located directly on-campus retain a stone-strong sense of community, acknowledgement of broader world issues, and cultural awareness of the local area.

  • Saint Petersburg College
    Petersburg, Florida


Tuition fee: $7,695

Enrolment: 31,820

The opportunities provided by the St. Petersburg University in Florida result considerably cheap in respects to the quality of studies held on the premises. There are 11 different campus locations and various instructional possibilities including Veterinary Technology. All accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Veterinary Education and Activities, including the Public Safety training course. The educational facility holds more than 30,000 students and provides numerous activities for each of them outside the classrooms. SPC emphasizes on procuring students with the best mentoring possibilities so the future professional are left outside of every stressful state of mind upon initiating they research activities.

  • State University of New York College at Old Westbury
    Westbury, New York


Tuition fee: $7,737

Enrolment: 4,367

The State University of New York College at Old Westbury provides almost 60 Bachelor and Master’s programs for each enrolled student of their facility. SUNYC is one of the most respected and affordable universities of the nation. The programs include School of Arts and Sciences, Education, Business, and many mot traditional subjects. The average class size holds 22 students, which allows an increasing individualized learning, and better student-lecturer relations. Programs such as the Bachelor of Philosophy and Religion opens a variety of opportunities for students to learn what can precisely result achieved after learning the subject. There is a variation of activities around the city to keep each student entertained without stressing with sole studies. Including on-campus residents who can participate in leadership opportunities through the CSLI.

  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    Lafayette, Louisiana


Tuition fee: $7,920

Enrolment: 16,646

The opportunities provided by the affordable University of Louisiana at Lafayette allows students to procure degrees in a variety of subjects. The amount of students is 16,646 and the campus life has a great deal of activities to offer. The apartment-style life on the campus provides entertainment as well as chances to participate in a variety of student organizations. The university’s motto “Living Learning, Ragin’” explains al lot regarding of what are the privileges of enrolling to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Students who study similar majors can unite and combine same approaches and ideas through various student communities, which are present at the univerity territory.

  • Purdue University North Central
    Westville, Indiana


Tuition fee: $7,923

Enrolment: 6,102

Purdue University, located at Westville offers a meaningful education at an affordable annual price of just below $8,000. The 269-acre campus hosts more than 6,000 students, with over 200 faculty members, all providing valuable instruction at the Bachelor and Mater’s level. The majority of students stand surrounded by communities, which support the university-wide mission of “Learning, Discovery and Engagement”. The Purdue University has a great reputation on helping freshmen in their transitional period to the college life. It helps them with developing a four-year graduation plan investing in their career possibilities.

  • Indiana University East
    Westville, Indiana


Tuition fee: $7,948

Enrolment: 4,456

Although hosting only a small amount of less than 4,500 students, the Indiana University East (IU) boasts an incredible amount of opportunities at an affordable price of below $8,000. The reputation of the facility is associated with the Midwest academic rigor and supportive collegiate environment. The IU East serves as a good alternative for students who seek for big opportunities and small fees. The school will make you feel overwhelmed as it has a small campus allowing each students to connect to the studies with the help of communities. Overall, the IU East provides plenty to talk about for individuals that seek to pursue a degree for implementing a successful career.

  • Tennessee State University
    Nashville, Tennessee


Tuition fee: $8,038

Enrolment: 8,883

The Tennessee State University is a powerful tool for students to get the right amount of knowledge to pursue a successful degree in a certain filed. There is a possibility to study Biotechnology, Agriculture or Political Science. All the traditional majors, available at the TSU will award all of the students with an undergraduate of postgraduate degree. The scholars can also take classes online and improve their skills through leadership initiatives, take part in the student government or write for a student newspaper.

  • University of Texas – Dallas
    Richardson, Texas

university of texas - Dallas


Tuition fee: $8,064

Enrolment: 21,193

The large University of Texas holds an approximate amount of 21,200 students and has some of the cheapest tuition fees in the nation. More than 70% of all the graduates result in the top quarter of their graduating class, and every year, UT Dallas hosts numerous high school graduates to attend it campus. Students for its impressive research centers, rigorous academics, and well-equipped facilities choose the Dallas University.

  • California State University – Bakersfield
    Bakersfield, California


Tuition fee: $8,117

Enrolment: 8,371

This California State University is located in Bakersfield and provides some of the lowest tuition fees allowing its students to pursue a degree of high quality, which will lead each of them to a successful career. A significant amount of activities is held by the Bakersfield educational facility and it allows its students to participate in. You can take part in the Greek life or join more than 80 campus organizations, including the ability to dive into one of the undergrad programs.

  • Arkansas Tech University
    Russellville, Arkansas


Tuition fee: $8,137

Enrollment: 11,369

The Arkansas Tech University provides students with traditional or “e-Tech” Degrees in Engineering or Nursing, Computer Science or World Languages. In other words, ATU holds a vast amount of opportunities for the motivated future scholars who attempt to start a career in a specific field. Additionally, the Center for Leadership and Learning of the Arkansas University brings to the table ambiguous ideas and research projects for students and faculty members for discussions, aiming to improve the overall effectiveness of the learning ground.

  • Brigham Young University – Idaho
    Rexburg, Idaho


Tuition fee: $8,148

Enrolment: 27,692

The opportunities provided by the Brigham Young University include excellent academic disciplines and ethical atmospheres. Based on the teaching system of the Mormon Church, BYU degrees offers “innovative teaching and learning”, including “lifelong spirituality and leadership”. The framework of the university is certainly student-centered and it permeates interdisciplinary courses in Business, Arts, Education, Engineering, or Physical Science.

  • University of Alaska – Fairbanks
    Fairbanks, Alaska


Tuition fee: $8,281

Enrolment: 35,586

The University of Alaska in Fairbanks is one of the largest educational facilities from our list hosting more than 35,000 of students each year. However, even if the institution is so large, the tuition fees remain to be the lowest in the country. The UA offers its students both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Engineering, Indigenous Studies, Oceanography, and various other majors.

  • Winston Salem State University
    Winston Salem, North Carolina


Tuition fee: $8,340

Enrolment: 9,166

The Winston Salem State University in North Carolina results the most inexpensive university in that state with respect to quality and affordability. The primarily African American university boasts some truly unique degrees, including the award-winning program in Motorsports Management. WSSU has a strong core in Education and Health Science majors, with producing the largest amount of nurses in the entire state.

  • California State University – Monterey Bay
    Sea Side, California


Tuition fee: $8,384

Enrolment: 5,732

The California State University in Monterey Bay is closing out list with being smaller, but providing big opportunities for affordable annual price. The school holds an impressive commitment in serving the needs of marginalized students. With 56% of academics being the first of their family to go to college, and 75% of students receive grants to support their education process. Most of the learners live on the campus, making the CSU system of residential campuses one of the most affordable in the State.