Become An Active Member Of The Prestigious AUPHA Endorsed Schools

aupha accredited schoolsThe Association of University Programs in Health Administration or AUPHA is essentially a non-profit organization. This organization comprises of educational programs that are university based. It deals with various other facets like practitioners, faculty members who are a part of the universities. This notable establishment works in tandem with other noteworthy health care organizations.

AUPHA is a renowned, global network of various colleges, universities, and organizations. Primary aim of this association is to enhance healthcare delivery through exceptional healthcare management and quality education. An essential aspect of the group is to foster innovation and excellence in provision of policy education in the health segment.

Promoting the significance of management education in universities is an integral aspect. Accreditation programs aid in the provision of excellent edification. Appropriate courses can prepare you for leadership roles in the sector of healthcare.

How will the membership benefit me?

Becoming a member of AUPHA’s prestigious programs can be of immense importance for you. Varied courses can help you in becoming a proficient professional manager at the entry level. Membership here comprises of several premier educational programs and degrees. These are –

  • Baccalaureate
  • Master’s
  • Doctorate
  • University-based or Non-degree programs
  • International programs

Will individual programs help me?

AUPHA’s prestigious membership allows you to network with several other like-minded colleagues. You can participate in faculty forums, conferences and annual meetings where you can share thoughts and views with other contemporaries. This association offers detailed publications that help in promoting communication throughout your membership tenure.

As an individual member, you can publish research work and informational papers in the peer-reviewed journals. Prime focus of research papers must be in healthcare administration and management education.

Participating in faculty forums can be an interesting option. Discussions on several topics include the following –

  • Doctoral Education
  • Global Healthcare Management
  • Information Management
  • Health Policy
  • Ambulatory Care or Medical Group Practice
  • Public Health

What advantages can I obtain?

AUPHA is the only non-profit, global network that offers top-notch degrees and educational programs in Canada and the U.S. An important aim of this organization is to improve provision of healthcare facilities. Other essential aspects entail enhancement in management, reform and research in healthcare sector.

This establishment comprises of top-notch Baccalaureate and Master’s programs. As an individual member, you can choose to become either a hospital executive or educator. By opting for proper educational programs, you can also be a participant in AUPHA accredited libraries, corporations. You can help in fostering the nonprofit organization’s mission and essence.

Can I gain access to information?

AUPHA is essentially a powerful and effective organization that comprises of highly qualified healthcare professionals. You can easily obtain information from the Directory of Healthcare Management Education. It is a detailed whitepaper on highly rated degrees and executive programs. Along with this, you can get details about curriculum, tuition information, and faculty.

Journal of Health Administration Education is a significant peer reviewed journal that can highly benefit accredited schools and colleges. It chronicles progressions, research, essays and case studies. Knowledgeable executives and management educators write detailed research materials.

Which school will be ideal for me?

Edifying degrees that AUPHA sanctions and endorses are Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Public Health and Master of Business Administration. It is important for every institute to follow rigorous and proper standards for receiving authorization. The prime goal here is to create a reliable and consistent standard for providing quality education in health care management sector.

For participating in fellowship programs of hospitals, you will have to be part of accredited schools. If you are a student of approved and certificated schools from AUPHA, then it will better your career prospects. Some of the notable accredited schools and colleges are –

  1. Portland State University
  2. Pfeiffer University
  3. Texas A&M Health Science Center
  4. University of Kentucky
  5. University of Scranton
  6. Georgetown University
  7. Georgia Southern University
  8. Cornell University
  9. Marymount University
  10. Dalhousie University
  11. Uniformed Services University of Health Science
  12. Temple University
  13. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
  14. Armstrong Atlantic State University
  15. Winston-Salem State University
  16. University of Florida
  17. Oregon Health & Science University
  18. George Washington University
  19. Carnegie Mellon University
  20. Park University
  21. Indiana University
  22. University of Maryland University College
  23. Xavier University
  24. Pacific University
  25. Ohio State University
  26. University of North Florida
  27. University of Pittsburgh
  28. University of Southern California
  29. University of Detroit Mercy
  30. College of Saint Elizabeth
  31. Texas State University – San Marcos
  32. Texas Woman’s University Houston
  33. Pennsylvania State University
  34. Seton Hall University
  35. Georgia State University
  36. Yale University
  37. Simmons College
  38. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  39. University of Kansas Medical Center
  40. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  41. University of the Pacific
  42. Clayton State University
  43. Texas Tech University
  44. University of Texas at Arlington
  45. Weber State University
  46. Hofstra University
  47. Trinity University
  48. Washington State University
  49. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  50. George Mason University
  51. University of Colorado Denver
  52. University of Miami
  53. University of Houston – Clear Lake
  54. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
  55. University of Pennsylvania
  56. University of Iowa
  57. Northwestern University
  58. Virginia Commonwealth University
  59. University of California – Los Angeles
  60. University of South Carolina
  61. University of Washington Seattle
  62. Union Graduate College
  63. Medical University of South Carolina
  64. Baylor University
  65. University of Illinois At Chicago
  66. Des Moines University
  67. University of Central Florida
  68. Boston University
  69. San Diego State University
  70. Texas Southern University
  71. Arizona State University
  72. Baruch College & Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
  73. Universite De Montreal
  74. Saint Louis University
  75. University of Minnesota
  76. University of Toronto
  77. Columbia University
  78. University of Memphis
  79. Kings College
  80. University of California – Berkeley
  81. Governors State University
  82. Tulane University
  83. Johns Hopkins University
  84. University of Michigan
  85. University of Texas at Dallas
  86. Barry University
  87. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  88. New York University
  89. California State University – Long Beach
  90. Lindenwood University
  91. Suffolk University
  92. AT Still University
  93. Walden University
  94. University of Missouri
  95. University of Saint Thomas
  96. Florida International University
  97. University of Puerto Rico – Medical Science Campus
  98. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  99. The Sage Colleges
  100. University of South Florida
  101. Rush University
  102. University of Cincinnati
  103. University of North Texas Health Science Center
  104. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  105. Loyola University Chicago
  106. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  107. Montana State University – Billings
  108. University of the Incarnate Word